3.12.2006 - If you can believe it, we are still working on this beast. Lots of pickup shots have been added with some major editing updates. It may take 10 years to complete, but we'll get it done. 

2.10.2001 -- Well, it's been a while since the last update. We're still in post-production on the film -- working hard to craft a version we are completely satisfied with. Kevin has taken over the re-edit, and our goal is to have this 'final' version completed by the end of April. Editing has proven to be difficult since we haven't had the opportunity to all be together for an extended session -- discussions are mostly happening via email and phone between San Francisco, Chicago and Berea. Although we were happy with our first edit, we feel this next version will capture the film's original intentions and story better. Finishing the film has been a challenge, but we are excited about our recent progress and results. We'll get it finished!

A special thanks goes out to Mike Pritt of MP Studios in Akron, Ohio for giving us access to his AVID. We couldn't have reworked the film without Mike's help and commitment to the project -- Denis

2.20.2000 -- We're gearing up for our 'final' edit right now. We've had some solicitations from studios to see the film, but haven't been comfortable sending it to them just yet. At this point, the plan is to complete our final edit in Mar/April and then send it out to see what happens. Also, we will submit to the IFFM (held this summer) in NYC as a 'work in progress' in the hopes of getting finishing funds/offers. Things slowed down a bit over the holidays, but we're back at it now, trying to finalize all the music -- no small task! Luckily, we have a lot of talented friends who make great music. Thanks again for all the support -- Denis

10.11.99 -- As you probably have noticed, we have unveiled the 'official' title of the film: "Grave Matters". This title fits the final product much better than our original working title of "Master Criminal". Beyond that, all is well. Our 2nd edit was completed in NYC last week, and we have begun sending the film to festivals, etc. Did anyone out there happen to see our 'in production' segment on the SUNDANCE CHANNEL? We were featured recently on their news program, 24 FRAMES. We will try to get a copy of the video up on the site. Thanks to everyone at the Sundance Channel for their help in getting us some exposure. -- Denis

9.22.99 -- We recently completed and reviewed the first edit of the film. Collaborating across the country (San Francisco <--> Chicago <--> Berea <---> New York City) has been a bit awkward at times, but Michael Capone (editor) has worked like a fiend tweaking the material and we are very happy with the results all around. A furious fourteen day shoot actually does translate into a heap of footage to work from and we have been adding a few more shots and sounds in post-production where needed. Currently, we are in the midst of our second edit and will be submitting the project to festivals as soon as possible -- Denis



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