Synopsis of "GRAVE MATTERS"


"Grave Matters" (AKA "Master Criminal") is ultimately a story of guilt, redemption, and forgiveness. Neil Bohanan has made a habit of skirting his responsibilities over the years and feels he has lost his place in a world that has not lived up to his skewed expectations -- expectations based on Hollywood. Neil's best friend from childhood, Bobby Strack, is dying. No one in Neil's world understands why he has made such little effort to find his way back home for one last visit with his old friend. Not until Neil's ex-fiancée, Helena, turns to him for help with a dilemma of her own does he callously choose to return home, abandoning her.

Upon Neil's arrival home, Bobby dies. Although his actions do not reflect his true feelings, Neil is emotionally consumed by his friend's death. Over the course of the three days leading up to Bobby's funeral, we follow Neil's life; his deceptions, his vague interactions. Neil receives little comfort from his old friends who are wary and unable to sympathize with his plight. He harbors a secret or two that have molded his behavior and perhaps he is not the only one keeping a secret. Is it a coincidence that Bobby died the same morning Neil arrived? By the time Neil meets the nurse who cared for Bobby in his final weeks, he has reached the breaking point. How will Neil be able to cope with his feelings at the funeral? Will he win back the trust of the woman he still loves? Can he ever be forgiven for his actions? The startling end holds the answers to these questions... or does it? Has Neil deceived us all?


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