Red Card Films was started in earnest by three friends with a passion for movies. For many years the three talked about making films and privately shared their concepts and visions. However, separated by many miles, the trio rarely saw each other and thus, their fragmented ideas never materialized. Finally, in late 1998, they began to realize their dream. An idea for a film was conceived and they set about the task of creating a screenplay. Months of late night e-mail and phone correspondence ensued, and after a laborious eight day writing session in Chicago, a story and characters took shape. "Grave Matters," a drama/comedy exploring the notions of guilt and redemption, was completed in May, 1999, with shooting scheduled for July of the same year.

The film is shot on location in the boys' hometown. Pals since childhood, the three were participants on many losing soccer teams. Only one of them ever received a red card. Click here or on the photograph to see an enlarged version... can you spot any of us?



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